Hurricane Ida Relief

To Donate:
Volunteer Teams:
"From the rising of the sun to its setting, let the name of the LORD be praised." - Psalm 113:3

Watch this video from one of our ministry partners, Connect Camps.
  • Text: WBGive to 73256 and select Disaster Relief-Hurricane in order to help

       contribute to our church’s efforts of Disaster Relief.

  • Online Giving: Click HERE to donate. Under "Fund" Choose "Hurricane Ida."

       Our website is

As you can imagine, we are facing a great financial challenge. If your church feels
led to help us, we would be grateful. Due to the unusually high cost of premiums
​and deductibles, we do not carry hurricane insurance.

As we receive financial gifts, we will continue the ministries of our church and
will address the extensive rebuild process.  We commit that every financial
donation will be accounted for and well used.

Our initial efforts are to mobilize teams into our community. We are able to host
volunteers in our gym with bunk beds, a/c, showers, and a full kitchen. Contact
Vicky Beber to schedule your team.

Our second wave of volunteers will serve churches and communities in the region. 
We also hope to start rebuilding the interior facility with volunteers.

Urgent Facility Projects: 

  • Sanctuary Roof Damage. 20+ large sheets of metal will need to be replaced. We
    are also repairing ceiling and interior damage. The back half of the building is
    educational space and is mostly now gutted out for a rebuild.

  • Brick wall of Children’s Building. The back wall of the children’s building
    collapsed and crushed 6 outside air-condition system units. We are getting a quote
    to rebuild the wall and replace the a/c units. Need urgent donations.

  • Administrative Building Roof Replacement. The entire roof was ripped off. We will
    be bidding out a new metal roof (200 feet long) with a sustainable design. We will
    work on a build out later as we secure volunteers and funding.

We hope to replace our iconic church sign that was destroyed after standing tall for
40+ years. That’s on our wish list, but not most urgent.

​We are mostly a part-time staff, with two full-time Pastors. Our hope is to keep
the team in place. Our gym will become a volunteer center to serve our
community and our region.  We will continue to minister to our State Troopers
across the street. Pastor Tim is the volunteer Chaplain for Troop B.

Any partners, donors, or volunteers can contact us directly to assist. The church
phone is 504-443-2363.

Thank you for your engagement and prayer. May God be honored through all of
this and may we be found worthy of His High Calling.