The following is the estimated partial renovation schedule for the WB Worship Center. If you are available to lend a hand any of the following dates, we would greatly appreciate any volunteers!
  • Rebuild floor in organ pit, replace floor on 1st tier, & finish side & back walls
  • Install outlets in front of the 1st riser & along the back wall
  • Pews are available for reservation
  • Put backs on chairs (chairs are shipped without backs attached); 550 chairs
  • Install racks on 200 chairs
  • Pews are available for removal to those who have requested
  • Demo of Worship Center floor
  • Demo includes removal of pews, removal of carpet, removal of adhesive residue, & filling in holes from bolts in pews
  • Install carpet on stage
  • Place chairs in Worship Center
  • Replace current fluorescent light fixtures with dimmable LED bulbs
  • Replace dimmers to match LED technology
  • Install carpet on Worship Center floor
  • Touch up paint
  • Re-evaluate baseboard
Other update projects coming summer & fall of 2019:
  • Remodel bathroom in the front foyer
  • Paint & repair exterior wood fences
  • Tear out old carpet & put in new flooring in the A building conference room & cafe area