One Church, Two Languages


Grace and Restoration 

Kenner, LA., has the largest Hispanic population in the greater New Orleans area and it is the desire of Williams Boulevard Baptist Church to share Christ in our city. Grace and Restoration is the vehicle to accomplishing that task. We are one church with two languages. 
Grace and Restoration is passionate for souls. The church is focused on restoring families and restoring lives in Jesus’ name, beginning at the point of introducing people to salvation. Grace and Restoration is a multicultural Spanish congregation with representation from 12 different countries.

Pastor Yony Matute

In 2005, Pastor Yony Matute founded the Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Conroe, Texas. He pastored this church for seven years. In December 2013, God called Pastor Yony to start Grace and Restoration Church (Iglesia Gracia y Restauracion) in Kenner, La. Grace and Restoration is partnering with us (Williams Boulevard Baptist Church) to enlarge the Kingdom of God. Pastor Yony envisions Grace and Restoration Church to be an instrument of God’s grace in the community and to be a church that spreads the good news to all people.s

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